Reducing Crime

Historically crime has been a big challenge in the London Road area. Since the beginning of the project in July the London Road Portas Pilot has been working on a number of measures to reduce the effect of crime on businesses and the local community.

Since July The London Road Portas Pilot has:

  • Employed Town Centre Liaison Officers to: Support businesses, submit intelligence, reduce theft, antisocial behaviour and improve the perception of safety for shoppers.
  • Worked closely with the Business Crime Reduction Partnership and its members to encourage increased use of the network and membership.
  • Worked with the LAT and Trading Standards on a reduction in the availability of high strength beer and cider across the London Road area.
  • Worked with local PCSO’s to share intelligence on known and active offenders.
  • Worked with the Business Crime Reduction Partnership on exclusion notices.
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