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London Road is a busy high street area on the edge of the city centre.  Although it was once a thriving shopping destination, it has been in state of gradual decline since the mid 1980s, during which time a number of well known high street names have disappeared for one reason or another.

In recent years London Road has become the focus of a number of strategies and projects – as well as organised groups – all aimed at improving its environment and turning around its economic fortunes.  These various efforts and initiatives are summarised below, along with links to further information.  The tide is now turning, with a growing number of new shops, food and drink outlets and other enterprises opening in the area, some major developments underway or in the pipeline and very few vacant properties now evident.  The future of London Road is looking increasingly bright.  Why not visit the area and see for yourself?

The masterplan sets out a range of planning-related objectives and guidance to secure positive and long lasting improvements in the area. The vision is to make London Road attractive for business investment and a popular destination for customers to spend their time and money.  These objectives will be assisted through investing in environmental and public realm improvements – new public spaces for informal recreation and new high quality developments.  To view the document please click on this link.

Open Market
The redevelopment of the Open Market site involves the replacement of the former market with a new covered market, workshops and housing. This is a key strategic project aimed at improving the economic performance of London Road and attracting more customers to the area. Please click on this link for further information.
London Road public realm improvements
The council has allocated an indicative sum from Local Transport Plan for public realm improvements in London Road. In order to make best use of what is a relatively limited budget (for such a large area), investment need to be carefully prioritised.

A concept plan will be developed for the wider London Road area. Individual components of the plan will be costed. The design team will then work with the local community to identify where initial funding can be focussed most effectively.

In the first instance, the council is looking for input from the local community to help identify the main issues and opportunities that the concept scheme should consider. Please click on this link for further information

Site J, New England Quarter
This important mixed use development to the north east of Brighton Station is currently under construction and will complete the pedestrian route that will link the rear entrance to the station with London Road, the Level and beyond.  The development will also provide new housing, a pedestrian plaza, shops and (eventually) a new hotel and office block.
The Level
The restoration and improvement of this historic park, just to the east of London Road, was completed during 2013 and has been highly successful. The Level provides an attractive and popular open space, not just for people in the London Road area but for the city as a whole and its many visitors Please click on this link for further information.
Ann Street, Elder Place and Providence Place
Following a successful two week pilot test in October 2012 as part of the Lively Cities project to provide a pedestrian-friendly ‘oasis’ on the edge of London Road, the council is now progressing plans for the permanent improvement of this area. Please click on this link for further information.

Elder Place and Providence Place is a back-street that runs parallel with London Road and suffers from a very poor quality environment with considerable graffiti and tagging.  Plans are being drawn up to improve this previously neglected area.

Former Co-op department store
Planning permission was granted in 2012 to Watkins Jones for the redevelopment of the former Co-op department store on London Road. The redevelopment of the building will preserve the façade of the original 1930s department store and provide 351 units of student accommodation above three ground floor retail units. This development is now complete.


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