London Road Town Team

The London Road Town Team and Portas Pilot – Background

The London Road Town Team (LRTT) are a group of people who give their time and experience free to help to improve the London Road area.
Many of the improvements to the area have been carried out by LRTT and other organisations working together. The most successful improvement was the introduction of the TCLO’s, the boys in blue as they became known, who patrolled the streets to deter trouble makers and undesirables. The controlling of street drinkers, drug dealers, shop lifters and other known offenders was a great success and made the area a safer and more welcoming place.
This website, the twitter and facebook pages were also introduced by the LRTT and are run free of charge by its members.

Portas Pilot
Britain’s high street are currently facing unprecedented challenges. Competition from out of-town retail parks, large shopping malls, and the rapid growth of internet shopping has reduced the share of retail spending on the high street. The global recession and subsequent austerity measures are also placing pressure on consumer spending.

In 2011 the UK Coalition Government asked retail expert Mary Portas to lead an independent review into the state of the country’s high streets and town centre and ways that they could be made more competitive.

“Put the heart back into the centre of our high streets, re-imagined as a destination for socialising, culture, health, wellbeing, creativity, and learning.”

The Portas review gave 28 recommendations to government and local authorities on how to improve local high streets.

The Bid
Brighton & Hove City Council met with local business, community, arts and education representatives from the area in order to form a Town Team and highlight key issues in the area. The council led the London Road Town Team Portas Pilot bid and in July 2012 received the news that the bid had been one of 27 successful applications across the country receiving £83,485 grant funding from the Government.
The Plan
The successful bid included a number of ideas which aim to rejuvenate the London Road area,  the action plan included the following;

  • Creative and enterprising uses of empty premises
  • Retail training
  • Crime Reduction
  • Arts events to boost the night time and daytime economy
  • Marketing and rebranding of the area
  • Employing a London Road Co-ordinator (part-time)
Projects so far

London Road Town Team

The London Road Town Team was set up following recommendations in the Portas review. The London Road Town Team includes businesses representation from independent, national and non retail businesses. Community groups, businesses organisations and the local authority. The main role for the Town Team is to direct the actives around the London Road Portas Pilot.

Crime reduction

We employ Town Centre Liaison Officers. Their role is to assist businesses owners and users on London Road reducing theft and anti-social behaviour. Our team work very closely with the local Business Crime Reduction Partnership and the Police. Our crime reduction project has been very well received by the businesses and has resulted in a reduction in overall crime.

Creative use of empty premises 

The London Road Portas Pilot worked with a number of different organisations with the aim of opening a pop up shop on London Road. However, as our vacancy rate improved our priority moved towards supporting existing businesses with our Shop Front Improvement Grants.

Arts events to boost the night time and daytime economy

The team have funded three main arts projects within the London Road area. Shine on London Road was a christmas inspired series of art installations installed over the christmas period last year as an alternative to traditional christmas lights. Our second project were a series of art murals across Elder Place, working with the Local Action Team, City Council and local artists. Our third project is a grant for local artists and venues on London Road to help support their activities.

Marketing and re-branding 

Working with a local design agency the London Road Town Team created a new brand identity for the London Road area, created a website, Facebook and a Twitter account. Our digital platforms were launched with on-street banner and radio advertising. We also produce newsletter for our local businesses.

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