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London Road, Brighton’s real high street is located just north of the city centre. Filled with a mix of specialist and independent businesses the area has become a hive of new activity with Brighton’s refurbished Open Market opening in 2014. With the beautifully renovated Level and creative digital hub, New England House the area continues to be the focus of a thriving community that flows through the northern quarter of Brighton.

Steeped in rich history the London Road area is home to the country’s oldest working cinema (Duke of York’s) and has become a draw not just for its fresh food but also great music, galleries, studios, workshops and theatre.

The London Road area includes Preston Circus, York place, Oxford and Baker street, Preston Road and of course London Road itself. Recent major developments and projects include The Level Restoration Project, London Road Portas Pilot, The Co-op Redevelopment and Fusebox at New England House.

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  • LangeLee’s Home from Home
    LangeLee’s Home from Home
    With the relaxed atmosphere and welcoming staff  You can’t help but feel at home as soon as you get into LangeLee’s. Consistently reviewed as one of the best places to eat in Brighton on Tripadvisor, LangeLee’s is one the gems of London Road. Situated on York Place LangeLee’s prides itself as being an independent English […]
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  • Carlito Burrito
    Carlito Burrito
    Mexican tradition has come to London Road. As soon as we arrived through the doors of Carlito Burrito, we were greeted by a lively restaurant with a warm, cosy atmosphere and the abundance of Mexican aromas. As we sat, the personality of Carlito Burritos became clear as a quirky, authentic and artisan restaurant reinforced by […]
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  • Sunny Days and Colourful Nights
    Sunny Days and Colourful Nights
    To catch the last of Wednesday’s rays, we headed to Brighton’s best beer garden, the HOBGOBLIN. In keeping with their tradition of lemon Wednesdays, we arrived with our lemons for a free Corona. The garden was full of people cashing in their lemons and we sat and enjoyed the sunny setting, amongst a lively atmosphere […]
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