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Tuesday evening we attended the much anticipated launch of Alcampo Lounge on London Road. The old Blockbuster had been transformed into a lively bar and restaurant. Upon arrival we were greeted by a warm atmosphere. Within a few minutes we were devouring the selection tapas-Our favourite was the roasted sweet potato and butternut squash with goat’s cheese dish along with the honey glazed shredded 5-spice pork, which came as a surprise for Amelia who is not a meat eater.

Every table was full with people from the local area embracing the changing environment and developments within the London Road area, through supporting Alcampo Lounge as part of this. The positive feeling we got from the launch was that there is excitement surrounding attractions such as Alcampo Lounge drawing people to London Road.

Catering for everyone with the extensive selection of food from breakfasts to burgers, Alcampo Lounge sets the scene of a circus pastime. With a rustic feel, the décor exudes vintage style through the pictures and light fittings adding to the overall Alcampo Lounge experience. We will be back to Alcampo Lounge next week to sample the ‘Burgerzone’ selection.

Amelia, Catherine,

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